The ultimate party home?

The owners live in the adjacent house – then bought this neighbouring property and substantially reworked it to provide the perfect setting for art and entertainment 

Architect – Otoniel Solis AIA

Interior design –  Magni Kalman Design

From the architect:

The project started as a very simple remodel/modernisation of an Italian villa, but as the project progressed and the house became cleaner this enticed the homeowner to increase the scope of work on every step.

For example, we started removing only some columns but by the end of the project the whole house spanned from one end to the other to allow complete unobstructed views – we referred to the roof as wings taking off with only the tips touching the floor on both extremes.

This ever-changing moving target made it very challenging but kept us on our toes all the time, improving every detail. 

The owner was very fond of symmetry, yet the existing structure was not conducive to that.

In order to still accomplish this, all material connections were designed to be flush with each other and aligned in a virtual grid – resulting in a balanced composition.

The interior layout was rearranged to maximise the new 'entertainment' programme of the house. 

Whether for individual activities like watching movies in the theatre or full scale parties throughout the house, the design integrates the interior and exterior for that activity.

Interior design

Essentially, this home is a combination of two adjacent houses – single storey postwar structures now stripped back and reworked as tranquil, minimalist and symmetric temples.

One house was already in use as the owner’s home, but the second neighbouring house was bought later with a view to it being a pavilion for the initial home.

With the second structure opened up by removing pillars, the interior was rearranged to optimise the resulting open views and the use of the greater space as a whole.

Sometimes referred to as the party house, this second structure has a crisp, simple interior with modern furnishings, in keeping with the first. It features a lot of steel and leather in soft, neutral tones.

The house features flowing terrazzo floors while the kitchen has chunky white Lucite cabinets.

Long sight lines and gleaming white surfaces contribute to the home's other name and preoccupation – the art house.

Credit list

Trends International Design Awards (TIDA) International Home of the Year – Finalist
Interior designer

Designed by: Otoniel Solis AIA

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Sep, 2023

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