Submerged in splendor

Inspired by a famous shrine to love, this master bathroom is a luxurious haven

A luxury bathroom reflected by the mirror bathroom, cabinetry, ceiling, countertop, cuisine classique, estate, home, interior design, room, window, brown, gray
A luxury bathroom reflected by the mirror

For some, the bathroom is so much more than a functional, everyday room. It is a place in which to soothe away the aches of the day and emerge refreshed, revitalized and ready to face the world once again.

A master bathroom is well suited to being a refuge. Hidden away from the home's public areas, it is used only by the heads of the household.

Designer Michael Golden was asked to create a luxurious retreat for the owner of the room shown here. "He loved the whole bathroom experience and wanted the room to have high visual appeal. Like the Taj Mahal but in a more classical style."

To meet this brief, Golden took his inspiration from ornate designs in both the Indian and the European traditions.

Broad view of this luxury bathroom bathroom, ceiling, daylighting, estate, home, interior design, room, window, brown
Broad view of this luxury bathroom

The room was dominated by grand windows, so his first step was to install an oversized mirror above the vanity. This not only added to the feeling of spaciousness but also gave the room a sense of balance and harmony.

Golden then divided the room into three levels of ornamentation. The bottom section of the wall is covered in rustic colored marble tiles, the middle is punctuated with white columns and the top is dominated by painted arches.

A graduation of color begins with the deep, rich tones of the stone floor and ends with the brilliant light cast by the large window arches that reach up to the blue sky ceiling.

Everywhere in the room cut into the stone floor, beside the white columns and nestled in the cornices are a variety of painted motifs.

View of this incredible shower & the decorations ceiling, column, daylighting, estate, floor, home, interior design, lobby, property, real estate, wall, window, gray, brown
View of this incredible shower & the decorations around it

Golden's determination to maintain the overall symmetry of the room produced some intriguing design features, such as the pseudo oil paintings above the windows at either side of the bath. In his original design, he had sketched pictures of young girls in the neoclassical style.

"The owner thought this was wonderful, so he got the painters to carry it through," Golden says.

Other features in the room are less about aesthetics and more about luxury. For instance, the shower has several body sprays in addition to multiple pan heads installed in the shower's ceiling. Plenty of electrical sockets accommodate, among other things, a large-screen television beside the bath.

Golden says the bathroom took 18 months to complete and 20 people were involved in its creation. The owner's determination to have only the best has paid off in the end, the designer says.

Credit list

Michael Golden, Spring Line Inc (Boston)
Jason International
Shower doors
Glass Crafters
Window treatments
Solar Shading Styles
Stone fabrication and installation
Joseph Puccio, Artistic Marble and Onyx
Vincent De Rosa, De Rosa General Contracting
Shower fixtures
Decorative painter
Mark Fowler, Martin & Fowler

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Apr, 2003