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A traditional-style home doesn't preclude its owners from enjoying the latest in home theatre, when they seek advice from Audioworks

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Audioworks home theatre system installation

Those who reside in traditional homes are often attracted to the old world charm of the interior. But valuing an historic decor style shouldn't prevent you from installing a comprehensive home theatre system.

Audioworks marketing manager David Small says that fitting such an extensive system into its surroundings is an important consideration when advising new clients.

"We've found that, regardless of the style of the house, a home theatre system can enhance rather than detract from the decor," he says.

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exterior of stately Victorian home

Audioworks can advise on design and then refer clients to an installer of entertainment systems with a range of internationally respected suppliers of home theatre technology.

For example, the Meridian 861 digital surround processor caters for all movie and music surround-sound formats and can be easily updated when new formats emerge. The 800 DVD player is compatible with most formats and the DSP8000 active speakers projects sound of cinematic quality.

"Few systems can play softly and truly loud, but the Meridian system excels, flooding the theatre with clean, tight sound while providing every nuance and detail of the music or soundtrack," Small says.

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Audioworks home theatre system componentry

The Meridian's components can also be integrated into a home automation system to provide entertainment at the touch of a button.

For information, contact Audioworks, Unit B, 5 Skyline Place, Frenchs Forest, NSW 2086, phone (02) 9930 3900, fax (02) 9975 1368.

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22 Nov, 2003

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