Sit back and relax A contemporary master suite by Bespoke On Khyber

A contemporary master suite by Bespoke On Khyber

Beige bathroom with large white tub. architecture, bathroom, estate, floor, home, interior design, property, real estate, room, suite, window, gray
Beige bathroom with large white tub.

Traditionally, bathrooms have been private spaces, closed off from the rest of the room or house. One of the bonuses of the recent resort-inspired transformation of bathroom design has been the opening up of these spaces, usually so a spectacular view can be enjoyed.

When homeowner Jan Jeffery viewed the plans for her new home, she noticed the ensuite bathroom was closeted at the far end of the master suite.

"The original floor plan had the bedroom and bathroom separated by the dressing room, with each room walled off from the other. I sat down with the architect and we redesigned the suite so that the bedroom and bathroom could be read as one large, open-plan space with the dressing room at the far end."

Bathroom with grey carpeting and light toned bedspread bedroom, ceiling, condominium, estate, home, interior design, penthouse apartment, property, real estate, room, window, gray
Bathroom with grey carpeting and light toned bedspread and curtains.

Designer Joanne Godding of Bespoke on Khyber gave the suite a crisp contemporary scheme to complement the overall architecture and interior design.

"The finishes in the house are very sleek and streamlined, so a traditional vanity with drawer or cupboard storage would have been out of keeping with that. What we devised instead is a 3.5m-long cantilevered vanity with floating storage beneath.

"What this has allowed us to achieve fulfils all the functional requirements, while staying true to the aesthetics. The separation of the elements shifts the focus from the incidental pieces to the bathtub, which has this smoothly sculptural presence offset by the textural nature of the tiles."

View of contemporary white tub in open plan architecture, bathroom, bathtub, daylighting, estate, floor, home, interior design, plumbing fixture, real estate, room, suite, gray, white
View of contemporary white tub in open plan bathroom and bedroom.

Sliding cavity doors can be used to partially or completely screen the bathroom. These have been given a subtle tone-on-tone covering that adds a further textural note.

"The understated elegance of the design and the open-plan, shared space with the bath as a central element, imparts the essence of a real boudoir," says Godding.

Credit list

Bathroom designer
Joanne Godding NKBA and Hayley Dryland, Bespoke on Khyber (Auckland)
Trendwood Kitchens
Gaia 50 built-in basin from
Shower fittings
Design slide shower set and ceiling-mounted Maxrain shower head from SpazioCasa
European Ceramics
Towel rails from SpazioCasa
Custom by Bespoke on Khyber
Granite Workshop
Shower enclosure
Egon basin mixer arc spout and freestanding bath spout from Il Bagno
Lighting Solutions

Story by: Trendsideas

19 Jul, 2012