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From an oversized, rotatable shower head to highly sculptural shower panels, Hansgrohe continues to offer leading-edge bathroom design and technology
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Axor Uno single level wall mixer bathroom fittings

It's the most private room in the home, but homeowners are no longer content to treat the bathroom as out of sight, out of mind. These days, it's a place we use as a sanctuary from life's daily stresses.

While much depends on the overall design concept, the fittings and fixtures should enhance this and perform to the high standards you demand.

German company Hansgrohe has been at the forefront of manufacturing bathroom fittings for more than 100 years. During that time, it has established a reputation for introducing new technologies to the bathroom, and for working with renowned designers such as Philippe Starck and Antonio Citterio.

For example, Hansgrohe made its first hand shower back in 1928, then 40 years later, made another breakthrough with the first hand shower with an adjustable spray.

These days, the company has three main brands the Hansgrohe range of faucets and showers, the Axor designer ranges, and the Pharo collection of shower panels, luxury showers and steam cabins. In all three ranges, Hansgrohe continues to offer innovative products to designers and homeowners.

Hansgrohe's latest shower is the Raindance. The large, completely flat shower head measures 150mm in diameter twice the width of a conventional hand shower. The result is a fuller spray for total coverage and a new shower experience.

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shower fittings

Raindance has five spray settings, from a gentle rain to a whirling massage using its three individually rotating sprays. Hold the shower close to the skin for an intense pulsating feeling, or further away for a wider, soothing effect.

Hansgrohe has also designed an innovative rotating shower head holder, the Raindance Allrounder. This allows you to move the shower head into an infinite variety of positions, effectively combining the functions of overhead spray, hand shower and side showers into one easy-to-use unit.

Alternatively, you can attach the Raindance hand shower to a Raindance Unica Double wall bar a 155cm-long wall bar with an integrated hose guide.

Raindance Air is a fixed overhead shower. This 240mm-wide fitting injects 100 litres of air per minute in with the water to create a gentle stream of large soothing droplets from its 180 openings. A 180-mm wide version is available too.

Hansgrohe has also continued to develop its Pharo range of Shower Panels and Shower Temples. The new Pharo Helis Shower Panel, created by Phoenix Design, is a completely pre-assembled shower system with a graceful, sculpted look.

Made of state-of-the-art casting resin, the material is malleable during the production process, but sets to become extremely hard and shatterproof. Although it resembles glass, it has a softer, warmer finish with an easy-to-clean and acid-resistant surface.

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Raindance showerhead

Pharo Helis offers a complete shower experience by combining the overhead spray, Aktiva hand shower, and five side sprays for a full body massage. Thermostatic controls with scald protection ensure the temperature is just right.

The new Pharo Shower Temples embody Hansgrohe's concept of wellness. The latest Shower Temples are distinguished by their strong, clean lines and a design that reduces functional elements down to the bare essentials.

There are three models available, shower, steam and the deluxe version, which also incorporates adjustable colour lighting and aromatherapy.

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Jul 02, 2003
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