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Four bathrooms in this home have been designed to take accountof the different users' particular needs

The view of a colourful bedroom architecture, bed, bed frame, bedroom, blue, daylighting, home, house, interior design, room, suite, wall, window, teal
The view of a colourful bedroom

Most of us have a highly detailed morning ritual that fills the time between waking up and leaving the house each day. Being able to maintain this schedule can make the difference between a good start and a bad day.

The four bathrooms featured on these pages are in a new home designed by architect Michael Poris. The owners, a couple visited regularly by an adult family, had very specific preferences for their bathrooms. Poris has interpreted these wishes by designing each space to suit its user's particular routines.

The top level of the house is devoted to the master suite, and includes two separate bathrooms that were designed for the two homeowners. A powder room on the main level of the house is used by guests. A fourth bathroom, on the lower level of the house, is attached to the guestbedrooms and exercise area.

"Both of the owners had different preferences, so we created two individual bathrooms within the master suite. The powder room and downstairs guest bathrooms have completely different functions, and this is demonstrated by the layout and appearance of each space," says Poris.

Inner view of this bathroom bathroom, bathroom accessory, floor, interior design, plumbing fixture, product design, room, tile, toilet, wall, white
Inner view of this bathroom

The master suite on the upper level of the house includes the bedroom, separate his and hers bathrooms and an office. The two bathrooms, with separate walk-in wardrobes, open off opposite sides of the bedroom. The office is located on the same side of the space as his bathroom.

Dark, walnut-stained, wooden open shelving and cabinetry gives his bathroom a masculine, utilitarian look. This is echoed in the exposed plumbing beneath the stainless steel handbasin, which is undermounted into the vanity top. Faucets and light fittings are minimalist in design. The shower and toilet are in separate cubicles with their own doors.

Her bathroom, located on the opposite side of the bedroom, doesn't have a door and is larger and more feminine, while still maintaining the simple, contemporary theme of the house. To achieve this, light-colored wood and white-painted cabinetry combine with white Botticino marble on the countertop and tiles in the shower and surrounding the bathtub.

Fixtures in her bathroom were selected for their aesthetic appeal as well as for their practical value. The owner chose an industrial-style soaking tub, which is longer and narrower than a conventional tub, and Philippe Starck faucets also complement the classic, minimalist appearance of the space.

A bright, colourful bathroom bathroom, bathroom accessory, interior design, plumbing fixture, purple, red, room, toilet, toilet seat, red
A bright, colourful bathroom

Simplicity of design marks the small 3 foot by 8 foot powder room with its white-painted walls and white fixtures. On the main living level of the house, it contains a toilet and a handbasin on a plain metal framework, as well as shelving for the display of decorative items. Artworks hang on the walls. A frosted glass panel in the door ensures the room is light.

By contrast, the guest bathroom downstairs has a distinctive Japanese flavor based around a soaking tub that has an aluminum ladder for access. The look of this space is dictated partly by the structure of the house and partly by its proximity to the exercise room and guest bedrooms.

Metal trusses and decking that support the concrete floor of the level above are left exposed and painted, giving the room additional height. The plumbing has been treated in the same way and lighting drops down from the trusses. The concrete floor is polished and mosaic tiles behind the tub and shower cover the concrete on the walls. As well as providing facilities for guests, the Japanese soaking tub and adjacent steam shower are used by the owners and their family as part of their exercise regime.

Credit list

Michael Poris, McIntosh Poris Associates (Birmingham, MI)
Interior designer
Janice Steinhardt, MDG Design
Black stain from Artcraft
Her bathroom – tub and basin
Vanity top
Botticino marble
Shower tiles
Broken Joints Botticino marble from Ann Sacks
Main contractor
Brown Schroeder & Company
His bathroom – basin
Cherry Creek
Faucets, shower
White matte lacquer and stainless steel from Artcraft
Broken Joints Botticino marble, wood
Powder room – basin, vanity and toilet
Guest bathroom – tub
Faucets, shower

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Apr, 2003