Outdoor connection

Altereco Design created an open, light-filled outdoor living space with a clear connection to the landscaped backyard
Story by: David Renwick
The garden-facing part of the project is largely architecture, floor, flooring, hardwood, house, interior design, real estate, wood flooring, brown
The garden-facing part of the project is largely glass

Designer: Altereco DesignAbout the project (text supplied): Our brief required us to work with an 1880's Bluestone terrace and to create a daily living space that appreciated and enjoyed it's connection with the established landscaping of the backyard.

We took a very delicate approach to the preservation of the heritage - preserving and celebrating the Bluestone.

To create minimal contact and impact on the Bluestone wall we created a small incision in an existing brickwood for the door portal between the old and new.


Planks run from the tile floor to meet architecture, door, floor, flooring, hardwood, home, house, interior design, laminate flooring, real estate, wall, wood, wood flooring, wood stain, brown
Planks run from the tile floor to meet the ceiling

North facing windows are double hung sash windows and fixed directly to the solid timber posts, eliminating additional frames and providing excellent natural ventilation. The property is close to the sea so we wanted to maximise the sea breeze.

Project challenges

Working with the deteriorating stonework was tricky. The rear terrace was made out of Bluestone rubble which was breaking off in bits and pieces.

Altereco Design utilised wood throughout the renovation – chair, furniture, interior design, product design, table, orange, black
Altereco Design utilised wood throughout the renovation – for floors, island and ceiling

Minimising the impact on vegetation. The owner was a landscape gardener and there was a very established green wall that we had to work around and respect.

We wanted to provide as much light as possible and an outlook to the established landscaping and green wall without making it simply a glass box.

Dec 18, 2017





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