A new food processing equipment manufacturing facility and office hub by Wilson and Hill were designed as single-level, contiguous buildings to allow free movement of staff between the two

Designed by Wilson & Hill

From the architects:

Food processing equipment manufacturer Wyma Solution's new building is made up of two parts – the first is a new office structure for 75 staff and the second part is a contiguous manufacturing facility. 

Both are single level to allow the free movement of staff between the two. 

The entry facility has crane access for the manufacture of large scale equipment while the manufacturing facility has a series of spray and blast booths

The office building has mostly open-plan office space with a series of support spaces.

The building is located in the Waterloo Business Park on the site of the old Islington Meat Works in Christchurch. 

It sits amongst other large scale commercial buildings with a main road on one boundary (Pound Road) and the major subdivision entrance adjacent.

One of the main constraints was putting such a large building on a single level. 

Careful cut and fill analysis was required due to such large quantities of material being moved or imported. 

Storm water flow was also critical, as was the disposal on site of storm waters in very large soak pits.

Concrete walls were chosen for their durability with the light weight metal cladding providing weather tightness – Kingspan has been used to provide a level of thermal insulation. 

The office building is clad in concrete panel at each end with the central part of the office space being glazed with aluminium cladding so very little maintenance will be required.

The buildings' large proportions meant the structural engineer was critical to the economy of the design and was involved early when considering structural solutions. 

The owners' manufacturing technical staff were also involved in agreeing critical documenting. 

Wilson and Hill Architects also provided all the interior design while the landscape architect was required to comply with the additional subdivision planting rules.

Credit list

Wyma Solutions office/manufacturing facility
Envision Eighty20
Public area flooring
 Polished concrete
Warehouse flooring
Air conditioning
Hartnell Coolheat
James Bull
Alpolic ACP and precast concrete from Cancast
Nebulite, from NGC Windows
Office flooring
Jacobsen carpet tiles
Ceiling panels

Designed by: Wilson & Hill

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Stephen Goodenough

19 May, 2024

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