Oh those Summer nights

Don’t let the name fool you, a heat pump keeps your home cool and comfortable for a great night’s sleep.

Story by: Trends Photography by: HRV

We all love summer, until the hot sticky nights spent tossing and turning in bed. A Panasonic heat pump can bring some comfort to the warmer months. Not only do they do a fantastic job of cooling your home, they’re quiet enough and should allow the whole family to sleep soundly. With multiple options available, it’s important to find a system to suit your family’s needs.

For smaller homes, a heat pump, mounted on the wall, can save you valuable space. They are ideal for cooling rooms of all sizes (and of course, keeping them warm in winter). Families with small children will enjoy the peace of mind, knowing their system is up and out of the way.

Another option is a ducted heat pump which sends air throughout the house via a series of ducts in the floor or ceiling. As well as the heat pump system being discretely hidden in the ceiling or under the floor, this allows you to set a consistent temperature for your entire home.

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Nov 06, 2018
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