Dryden WoodOil is an ideal choice for all wood species – old or new – and for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Dryden WoodOil offers everything you need to protect and celebrate your timber surfaces. Here are the reasons to choose Dryden WoodOil:

  • Dryden WoodOil is suitable to be applied to timber cladding, shingle roofs and fencing, including all timber items like decks, outdoor furniture and interior timber surfaces, on all species of timber surfaces, old or new, rough or smooth.
  • It is a migrating oil that doubles as a non, film forming, water repellent timber protector which will help maintain the service life of your timber.
  • Dryden WoodOil is a deeply penetrating oil that utilises an ultraviolet, stable fungicide.

  • Dryden WoodOil’s water repelling properties prevent the absorption of water deep into the timber, reducing excessive warping, cupping, and splitting of timber, thus extending the service life of those timber surfaces.
  • Due to the transparent nature of the product, Dryden WoodOil highlights your timber's characteristics and won’t hide the grain.
  • Dryden WoodOil is available in a clear oil for a natural finish, which allows the timber to silver off over time while protecting and maintaining water repellency.
  • Colours can be added – providing 33 unique colours which provides additional UV protection.
  • Lastly, Dryden WoodOil is made in New Zealand and specially designed for our conditions.

Find out more about this all-purpose solution to protecting and accentuating your timber surfaces here

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11 Apr, 2021

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