Life on the edge: The amazing OPA cliffside structures

After causing quite a stir back in 2015, OPA has come forward with another stunning cliffside structure
Story by: Trends

You may remember Casa Brutale from when we covered it back in 2015. A year later, the firm announced that someone was going to build the home in Lebanon, high up in a cliff.

Now, OPA has come forward with yet another spectacular project in a similar vein, this time a church with panoramic ocean views.

Here’s what OPA had to say about the new project:

Purity of belief is celebrated in this minimalistic design devoid of earthly distractive elements. The chapel is the third building of the Terra Mater trilogy of underground buildings. Proposed for the island of Serifos, it possesses a single cliff façade that faces the Aegean sea, positioning the human vis a vis with the beauty and magnanimity of creation.”

Jul 21, 2017
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