These landscaping trends will help you makeover your garden for summer

Give your garden a refresh and get ready for the warmer months. Landscape expert Matt Leacy shares his new season colour trends for outdoor spaces

With more time than ever before expected to be spent at home this spring and summer, homeowner focus is turning to maximising outdoor living for the warmer months ahead.  And one of the easiest and quickest ways to inject a fresh look to any space is with colour.

Colours have a direct impact on mood and the feel of a space, and this summer design experts like Matt Leacy from Landart Landscapes are heralding a shift to warmer, more cocooning colours - moving away from the colder, stark greys that have dominated outdoor living in recent years.

What's next in garden design?

“Don’t get me wrong, colours like a Monument aren’t going to disappear outdoors – it’s a colour that helps greenery pop and is a fabulous backdrop for paler tiles and timbers.  But layered with this we’re finding home owners are looking more and more for something that is also a bit softer and creates a warm welcoming outdoor space."

"The softer colours that have dominated interiors are spilling into the outdoors, and grey colours are being used with a colour tint,” said Matt Leacy founder and creative director of the award winning Landart Landscapes.

2021 landscaping colour trends

Leacy predicts that colours like dusty teal, warm blush and organic neutrals with a touch of earth or tobacco tones will be popular in outdoor spaces coming into summer 2020/21.  Along with softer greys, dusty muted pinks and sage and olive greens.

Tonal blue and greens in particular, that help bring a calm and soothing feel to spaces will also be in greater demand outdoors.

This coming summer will also see continued demand for raw materials in outdoor furnishings – all of which will complement the warmer colours beautifully. 

Landscaping material options

“We’re also finding that layered vintage charm, juxtaposed with modern lines, is something that is more and more appealing.  We’re using reclaimed and weathered timbers and retro features with stone and breeze blocks in our designs to meet client briefs.  And materials like concrete, rattan, hardwood, copper and hand-made textural tiles.  Large expanses of the one material are not as popular as they once were,” adds Matt Leacy.

Embrace colour in your garden

“Green has been a very popular indoor colour trend, as has greater incorporation of plants indoors.  And this is spilling outdoors.  Green is a cool, soothing colour for summer – and comes in a wide variety of shades.  And it of course adds depth to living greenery in outdoor spaces,” said Matt Leacy.

“Colour is also a great way to make the most of the sunlight that hits your outdoor space.  A cooler neutral colour will brighten a space that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, or alternatively go with a warmer neutral to balance areas that get a lot of sunlight,” concludes Matt.

A selection of Matt’s work can be found at www.landart.com.au

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Story by: Landart Landscapes

Photography by: Jason Busch/Landart Landscapes

30 Aug, 2020

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