Knox Church restoration standing seam copper supplied by Ambro Metals

Standing seam copper gables on Knox Church copper supplied by Ambro Metals, a specialist in metal cladding products

The Ferrari Theme Park features Euramax colour-coated aluminium aerial photography, bird's eye view, city, fixed link, sky, urban area, water, gray
The Ferrari Theme Park features Euramax colour-coated aluminium in Eurabuild in Ferrari Red 4L Lum, available from Ambro Metals.

There was never any question of replicating the exterior of the original Knox Church in the post-earthquake restoration of the Christchurch landmark. Wilkie + Bruce Architects wanted to make a contemporary design statement and the traditional red brickwork was out of the question.

The solution was a lightweight, highly durable, standing seam copper cladding. The material was supplied by Ambro Metals in Auckland and the profile installed by The Architectural Roofing Company.

Varying thicknesses and widths of copper coil were used to meet the required profile for each area of application.

Ambro Metals manager Adrian Ward says the company had a vast amount of stock on hand, which helped the initial material requirement.

Euramax colour-coated aluminium is available in a wide angle, architecture, building, daytime, facade, landmark, line, red, roof, sky, skyscraper, structure, teal, red
Euramax colour-coated aluminium is available in a wide range of colours and finishes from Ambro Metals, including EuraDecor, shown here in Red Porphry.

"It is also invaluable to have stock on hand when there are last-minute changes. For this project, we were able to supply the copper at a cost-effective rate, and met all the delivery dates as scheduled."

Similar copper supplied by Ambro Metals was installed on the roof of the Auckland Museum during its major renovation in 2007.

Ambro Metals also supplies Euramax Premium Colour-Coated Aluminium.

"Euramax aluminium alloys are coated in a state-of-the-art highly durable PVDF water-based paint system a colour coated option suitable for all areas, including coastal locations," says Ward. "They are also a sustainable, environmentally friendly option with an extremely long life."

Ambro Metals supplies a wide range of metal architecture, building, city, corporate headquarters, infrastructure, metropolitan area, sky, structure, teal
Ambro Metals supplies a wide range of metal products, including Z-T Alloy terne-coated products and Euramax colour-coated aluminium shown here in EuraMica Pyrite Red Green.

Ambro Metals can supply up to 5000 different Euramax finishes over and beyond stock colours, and all the products are backed by strong warranties.

Other high-end roofing and cladding products supplied by Ambro Metals include Terne Z-T Alloy® coated products. These include Independence Gray/TCS II Satin¢ (terne-coated stainless steel), and Freedom Gray¢ (terne-coated copper).Terne-coated products provide a unique lead-zinc look, which is an extremely strong naturally weathering finish. The grey is an alternative to plain copper.

"Our environment puts all materials to the test, so we provide a wealth of product information to ensure the correct material is specified to meet the unique demands of each project, including appearance," says Ward.

For more information, contact Ambro Metals, PO Box 15599, New Lynn, Auckland 0602, phone (09) 828 1814. Website: www.ambrometals.com

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21 Apr, 2015

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