Italian allure automatic coffee machine from De'Longhi

Automatic coffee machine from De'Longhi
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Delongi Coffee Machine

Perhaps it's an innate sense or maybe the knowledge has been gleaned from experience when travelling overseas, but New Zealanders all seem to appreciate a well-made cup of coffee.

The Fully Automatic range of De'Longhi coffee machines allows you to enjoy a cup of Italian-style coffee at home. Thanks to the one-touch controls and special milk jug that combines instant frothing technology with easy storage, you can produce your own cafe-quality cappuccinos, lattes and flat whites.

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Delongi Coffee Machine

Every machine in the De'Longhi range is designed not only to look good in your kitchen, but also with simplicity of operation in mind. The one-touch button controls enable you to specify preferences such as brewing strength, the amount of milk and the number of cups required. The machine also has a user-friendly selection lever that allows you to control the level of air infusion, so you can be confident of achieving rich, fluffy cappuccinos, delicate flat whites and creamy lattes. A self-cleaning function and completely accessible internal parts ensure easy cleaning.

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Jul 29, 2011
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