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Handcrafted furniture is part of a design that makes this bathroom the home's center of indulgence

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Plan of the new bathroom

It is possible to divide bathrooms into two broad categories: those designed with a strongly utilitarian focus and those where personal comfort and decorative desires have been indulged. Rooms such as these may contain the same essential elements of functionality while still managing to serve slightly different purposes.

Both kinds of bathroom can be seen in the home shown here. Designed by Greg Palmer of Harrison Design Associates, the home has a number of bathrooms designed to cope with the rough handling doled out by the owners' teenage children, but the master suite is a different story, one where the owners' desire for certain features comes through.

In approaching the design of their master suite, the owners were looking for a space with an Edwardian-style appearance, says Palmer.

"We went for a design that is simple in execution, where the detailing is refined and the cabinetry takes on the form of furniture," he says.

This furniture approach is evident in a number of features of the cabinetry. These include the finish applied, an antique glaze that adds depth and character to the wood. The design team paid particular attention to detailing at the transition points, where one material meets another.

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The bathtub of this luxury bathroom

"We wanted to avoid using trim to hide rough finishing, instead turning the focus to high levels of craftsmanship," says Palmer.

"For instance, where the cabinetry makes the transition from stone to wood the level surfaces of the cabinetry have been scribed to fit more perfectly against the irregular surfaces of the stone tiles on the floor."

The sense of indulgence is reflected in the layout of the room. The generously proportioned space has a distinct his-and-hers division, with separate vanity spaces located at opposite ends of the room. There is also a clear demarcation of his-and-hers space in the adjoining dressing room, where the design includes separate closets for both owners. The use of symmetry was one of the architect's key challenges.

"The Edwardian and Arts and Crafts styles that influenced the owners did not lend themselves easily to such an ordered application," says Palmer.

The bathroom's tub and stone-clad double shower stall stand opposite each other, halfway between the vanities. The shower is notable for the large sheets of glass that enclose the space.

One end of this large bathroom bathroom, cabinetry, ceiling, estate, floor, flooring, home, interior design, room, wall, window, brown
One end of this large bathroom

A series of wooden framed mirrors is used above the countertops. These were selected instead of a single mirror, to continue the characterized Edwardian look of the room, lighting in the form of wall sconces.

An addition at her end of thebathroom is a small dressing area. When not in use this well-equipped room can be shut away behind double doors to keep the ordered and symmetrical look of the bathroom intact.

The bathroom is well lit and, as it faces the rising sun, enjoys the best light in the mornings. The light and spacious feeling is emphasized by the height of the groin-vaulted ceiling and the arched windows over the tub, which follow a similar line to the ceiling.

Credit list

Main contractor
Bildon Construction
Honed Saturnia limestone top on cabinetry painted in Chocolate White with a faux antique finish
Shower stall
Jerusalem Gold travertine marble from Renaissance Tile & Bath
Upholstery and fabrics
Judy Bentley of Interior Views
Ultra Bath
Basin, faucets and toilet
Royale Nocciola travertine marble from Renaissance Tile & Bath
Faux finishes
Clay and Donna Hodges

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24 Apr, 2003

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