French appliances provide labour-saving functionality

Need help in your kitchen when it’s nearing dinner time and things are all go? French made appliances by Brandt offer ovens with practical features that leave your hands free, your mind relaxed and your meals delectable

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​​​​​​​When it comes to practical, energy- and time-saving functionality, French appliance brand Brandt has it in spades. Besides great looks, the glass and stainless steel appliances have many tricks up their sleeves. For example, the Brandt Pyrolytic oven includes a Culinary Guide, with 15 automated cooking programmes gauged by food type and weight. There’s also Smart Assist, where the oven recommends the cooking temperature and cooking time.

French culinary flair goes well beyond greatdishes to also include high quality, feature-rich appliances designed and made in France.

Enter Brandt, a high-end appliance line that strikes a balance between quality and economy. Brandt appliances offer no-nonsense features that provide practical help that makes a big difference to the quality of your time in the kitchen.

The plusses that come with the innovative Brandt Pyrolytic Oven and Brandt Steam Oven provide a great snapshot of the rich functionality of all Brandt offerings – from ovens to cooktops.

First, the Brandt Pyrolytic Oven BXP6575X includes a Culinary Guide with 15 automatic cooking programmes for popular foods such as chicken, beef, lamb, pizza, salmon, and cookies. This labour-saving inclusion is highly sophisticated but also a breeze to use.

Simply select the program and input the weight of the main ingredient. The oven works out temperature and cooking time via sensor.

Brandt’s savvy Pyrolytic Oven also allows you to cook using Smart Assist, where the oven recommends the cooking temperature and duration based on the chosen heating method.

Other handy features are Smart Boost –the oven automatically starts a rapid preheat sequence as soon as a cooking mode has been selected; and Easy Start – the oven memorises your favourite programmes for speedy access.

The oven’s Pyro Express cleaning system burns off cooking residue for a spotless clean.

And Brandt’s Steam Oven BKV6132X is equally well designed with features that add up to healthy, mouth-watering meals and that also make life run more smoothly for a busy chef.

Brandt brought the Steam Oven to market in 1997 and today’s model is still one of Brandt’s best sellers, largely due to its healthy cooking benefits. These are gentle cooking, at maximum 100°C, with no fats or oils, while the advanced oven’s electronically controlled steam saturation locks in your food’s taste, textures and colours.

The Brandt Steam Oven also offers Autocook with 9 Automatic Steam Cooking functions.

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Aug 23, 2019
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