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Handcrafted to emphasise texture and proportion, large, Midland clay bricks present a solid, innovative front to sound cavity construction

View of this brick home cottage, elevation, estate, facade, hacienda, home, house, mansion, neighbourhood, property, real estate, residential area, roof, sky, villa
View of this brick home

S olid brick homes have been traditionally clad with rows of neat, symmetrical bricks. However, thanks to the development of new brick styles and sizes, this is no longer the stereotype.

Midland Brick has a range of clay bricks in a variety of sizes that enable you to create designs that break the convention. The increased surface area of these larger bricks can be used to create different fae§ade effects and emphasise the earthy tones and texture of the material.

The Florentine range, for example, is about twice the size of a standard brick. This series includes bricks made from Ashlar limestone which can be used to create a varied finish, recalling earlier, more traditional architectural styles.

View of the home with a brick exterior building, cottage, elevation, estate, facade, farmhouse, home, house, neighbourhood, property, real estate, residential area, roof, siding, suburb, window, gray, white
View of the home with a brick exterior

Larger sizes also mean construction times are reduced and less mortar is needed. The look of the finished brickwork can be further enhanced by using a matching mortar.

Midland has also expanded building possibilities by introducing a handmade clay brick, which echoes the style created by brickmakers before the advent of modern production techniques.

The texture and natural variations of each brick add character to the finished building. Because no two firings of these handmade bricks are ever the same, you can choose your batch knowing that the finished colour will never be replicated.

View of the La Trobe clay bricks brick, brickwork, cobblestone, material, stone wall, texture, wall, gray
View of the La Trobe clay bricks

To make it easier for you to decide which style of brick will best suit your home, Midland Brick has introduced BoralVision. This electronic design tool allows you to select the elevation that most closely represents your new home and then preview a variety of different bricks and pavers from the company's range.

With the help of a Midland Brick consultant, you can experiment with colours, brick size and even the type of mortar until you come up with a look you want.

For your nearest Midland Brick branch or a colour brochure, phone 0508 Midland (643 5263). Alternatively, call into 189 Main South Rd, Christchurch or 8 Cowley Place, Albany, Auckland for further information.

Story by: Trendsideas

24 Aug, 2003