Smooth, refined, hand-made and proudly Italian

Valdama basins are recognised by their smooth, slender, seamless, rounded walls, and by their unique colours and matching waste. The young Italian design firm has mastered the craft of producing extremely fine (thin) vitreous china and proudly produces all its pieces in a non mechanised process.

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Exclusively available at Franklins flowerpot, furniture, room, shelf, table, white
Exclusively available at Franklins

Valdama is a family owned company located in Civita Castellana, Italy. The company is managed by Daniele Vitali and his sisters Valentina and Marta. Thus the Val-Da-Ma name.

Valdama basins have thin smooth, rounded and seamless walls, and their unique coloured basins come with a matching waste. They have mastered the craft of producing extremely fine (thin) vitreous china and the company has the unique distinction of producing all the pieces in a non-mechanised process. Each piece takes ten days to create from the individual casting to the final oven curing and check. In addition to the enamelling, the items are sprayed with engobbio which gives the basins an extremely pleasing smooth, velvet feel

Valdama regards every object as a work of art. The company has its own design studio headed by Gianni Veneziano and Luciana Di Virgilio. The studio explores several fields of design, aiming to reach the final outcome of strong emotional impact. The work of the studio has been published in some of the most important design magazines and featured at local and international exhibitions. Recognised designers, Prospero Rasulo and Monia Marzano, have also designed some of the ranges.

Valdama is exclusively available at Franklins

Jun 26, 2019
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