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This kitchen's immediate surroundings were as important to its design as its streamlined fixtures and materials

This kitchen has an opening to an ornamental door, floor, glass, house, interior design, window, black, gray
This kitchen has an opening to an ornamental pool

Creating an appealing and efficient kitchen requires consideration of all its elements. Decisions on cabinetry, appliances and workbenches are important, but so, too, is how the kitchen relates to its surroundings.

The atmosphere of this kitchen derives in part from its adjacent environment. An ornamental pool beyond the external doors and a double height void above were both important design factors.

These elements contribute to the kitchen's relaxed, light atmosphere and had a direct impact on the design of the kitchen itself, says architect Lindy Leuschke of Leuschke Group Architects.

"The clients requested a well-proportioned kitchen with abundant light and spaciousness," she says.

View of the oven & cabinet countertop, interior design, kitchen, office, gray
View of the oven & cabinet

The small shimmering pool beyond the kitchen's slender double doors helps to achieve this effect. It breaks up any sense of enclosure and lends the room a spacious air.

"From the kitchen, your eyes are drawn to this body of water, and a timber platform, illuminated from below, appears to float between the two spaces," says Leuschke.

The water exudes a sense of calmness, particularly important as the home is sited on a busy street. However, the home's positioning does allow for a view of the bay in the opposite direction.

A sense of space is also accentuated by the kitchen's double-height ceiling. From this lofty height, skylights pour natural illumination into the room, providing plenty of light to work in.

Overlook of the kitchen's area architecture, countertop, interior design, kitchen, real estate, wood flooring, gray, brown
Overlook of the kitchen's area

"To continue this theme of brightness, white was chosen as the predominant colour for the decor," says Leuschke.

A glacier white Corian benchtop and the laminate finish on the kitchen cabinetry are complemented by translucent glass cupboard fronts and polished aluminium European appliances.

The room's vertical proportions were acknowledged and accentuated by the use of elongated cabinetry profiles and a fridge specifically chosen for its tall and slender design.

Credit list

Lindy Leuschke, Leuschke Group Architects (Auckland)
Door hardware
Halliday and Baillie
Modus Lighting
Petra Serena tiles from European Ceramics
Kitchen manufacturer
First Edition
Cabinetry finish
Laminex White Flint finish with Ruakantex Magic Silver edging
Tarket Birch
First Edition
Wall oven, combi oven, hobs, dishwasher

Story by: Trendsideas

23 Feb, 2004