Di Henshall Interior Design wins the 2023 TIDA Australia Powder Room of the Year

Congratulations to Di Henshall of Di Henshall Interior Design, winner of the 2023 Trends International Design Awards Australia Powder Room of the Year

Watch a slide show of this winning powder room, with commentary from interior designer Di Henshall

The success of a powder room design lies in the element of surprise it creates for its user.

And for this powder room in a clifftop new build, the surprise starts at the point of entry.

The room is positioned off the main foyer, concealed behind a door clad in the same demi-round timber panelling featured down the length of the lobby and inner foyer. 

This makes it almost invisible to the eye when walking down the hallway, especially as strip lighting along the skirting continues beneath the door.

Lighting also injects drama into the enclosed interior space, with backlighting for the extra large circular mirror, skirting strip lighting on the vanity wall and a distinctive blown glass pendant at the far end of the vanity.

Contrasting tiles introduce texture, with  large format charcoal tiles with an artisanal finish on the vanity wall, and sage green finger mosaics on the back wall reflected in the mirror.

The TIDA judges were impressed how all these elements worked perfectly together to create a warm and inviting experience for guests.

Designed by: Di Henshall, Di Henshall Interior Design

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: John Downs

10 Aug, 2023

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