Coat of many colours

From home exteriors to paving, courtyard walls and decorative accessories, Resene paints can enliven your home and outdoor living area

Resene paints used on concrete at Te Wananga architecture, facade, home, house, outdoor structure, property, real estate, residential area, black, orange
Resene paints used on concrete at Te Wananga o Aotearoa.

If you've ever watched a home makeover on television, you will be well aware of the difference a coat of paint can make. Colour can transform not only a home's interior, but also the exterior and the outdoor living area.

But when you are choosing paint for these areas, you also need to consider its ability to withstand the elements. Resene has developed a range of paint products specifically designed for the outdoors. As well as offering colour variety, they're also formulated to withstand the effects of sun and rain.

Resene AquaShield, for example, is a water-repellent coating designed for use on most porous building materials. Available in a range of white and pale earth tones, Resene AquaShield dries to a flat finish. Colours will lighten with exposure to the elements, resulting in a natural weathered appearance, says Resene marketing manager Karen Warman.

"These paints suit a range of house styles, including those with a Mediterranean look," she says. "But it's not just the colour that makes it a good choice for homeowners. Resene AquaShield is particularly suited to highly stressed, weather-exposed fae§ades."

Warman says the paint combines the water-repellent properties of silicones with an outer microstructure that considerably reduces the contact area for water and dirt. This means dirt particles adhere only loosely and are more easily carried away by raindrops.

Grey coloured wall with trees and garden in agave, arecales, grass, landscaping, palm tree, plant, property, real estate, tree, walkway, yard, black
Grey coloured wall with trees and garden in front, and pavers.

Another product well suited to Mediterranean-style homes is Resene Sandtex. This paint provides a sandstone look. A washed-out effect is also possible using an undercoat of Resene X-200 Waterproofing Membrane in a lighter colour, with the Resene Sandtex coat applied in a crow's foot fashion with a pure bristle brush.

Resene Waterborne Woodsman is another paint designed to cope with the vagaries of the weather. This exterior wood stain colours timber while still allowing the natural grain of the wood to show through. The company says it's an effective way to add colour to new or previously stained timber without hiding its natural beauty.

"Resene has embraced the current trend towards non-traditional wood stain finishes and now offers a new range of 38 exterior wood stain colours in traditional, limed and bright hues. As the stains are transparent, the final finish colour depends on the timber being stained," says Warman.

The full range is showcased in the new Resene Woodsman colour chart.

Also formulated for exterior use, Resene Lumbersider is a 100% acrylic resin paint. Available in the full range of Resene colours, it provides a natural, low-sheen look. It can be used on weatherboards, stucco, blockwork, brick, fibre-cement, timber and galvanised iron surfaces.

Whitford Olive Oil complex building painted with Resene building, elevation, estate, facade, home, house, property, real estate, residential area, roof, white
Whitford Olive Oil complex building painted with Resene Aquapel and AquaShield

To simplify paint selection, Resene has introduced a free tool on its website Resene EzySpec. This programme will help you select the paint type that best meets your needs.

Colour selection needn't be difficult either now you can use the internet to help you find a solution. The Resene EzyPaint virtual painting software, which is free to download from the Resene website, gives you the opportunity to preview colour schemes on your computer.

Warman says Resene test pots are recommended to help you make your colour choice. They can also be put to good effect providing instant colour for outdoor pots and planters.

For more information on these products and details of your nearest Resene ColorShop, phone 0800 Resene (737 363). Websites: www.resene.co.nz and www.Trendsideas.com.

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03 May, 2003

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