Classic continuity

Although primarily a utility room, a bathroom won't lack for comfort or style when you seek expert design advice from Mico Bathrooms

The view of his and hers basins of architecture, bathroom, countertop, floor, interior design, product design, room, sink, gray, black
The view of his and hers basins of a bathroom

Refer to "flow" in regard to a bathroom and most people assume you are talking about the water pressure. But flow is just as essential to seamless design, as interior designer Suzy Paynter demonstrates here.

When Paynter renovated her own three bathrooms she called on the experts at Mico Bathrooms to help her source the finest in internationally designed bathroom fixtures and fittings.

She also made a conscious decision to keep the design of all three bathrooms similar, not only to each other, but also to the rest of the house.

The resulting clean lines in her minimalist design ensures that all three bathrooms are bright and airy. Paynter is adamant that a bathroom should be lightly coloured as this promotes feelings of health and well-being.

When selecting bathroom fixtures Paynter is careful not to clutter the room as a bathroom can quickly start to look bitsy. So she sought products from Mico Bathrooms that would assist in creating a spacious ambience.

The main bathroom of a home, showing the architecture, bathroom, bathroom accessory, bathroom cabinet, home, interior design, product design, room, sink, gray
The main bathroom of a home, showing the basin, vanity and frameless glass shower

With this in mind, the showers in both the ensuite and the main bathroom have been enclosed in glass, so that they don't appear as closed in boxes taking up precious space.

The twin basins in the ensuite that have been supplied by Mico Bathrooms from the Indusa range are for his and her and they sit above a granite benchtop. This same granite is used not only for the bench in the main bathroom but is also in Paynter's kitchen, providing continuity in design.

The glass shelving in the ensuite is shoulder height for convenience and its straight lines are in keeping with the window's wooden shutters.

The basins in both the ensuite and the main bathroom have been placed in front of windows in order to utilise space. Mirrors are discreet and help to ensure the room retains its uncluttered charm.

In the guest bathroom, Paynter says she chose a bigger mirror and a larger basin from Mico Bathrooms (from the same Indusa range as the basins in the other bathrooms) to complement the room's large proportions. "We wanted a big, chunky basin to fill this space".

The view of a bathroom showing a bath bathroom, bathtub, floor, home, interior design, lighting, plumbing fixture, property, room, tile, gray
The view of a bathroom showing a bath and a fameless shower

The room is sparsely furnished and contains no storage unit because only the guests use it.

The wooden legs that prop up the basin echo the black stripe around the window. This stripe can also be seen in the windows of the other bathrooms and is a trademark of the architect who designed the house, Sir Miles Warren.

"He was using negative details decades before anyone else so I wanted a design that reflected this small but rather exquisite detail," Paynter says.

Throughout the design process Paynter says the staff at Mico Bathrooms were not only helpful, they also provided her with an excellent range of bathroomware to select from. "The company's consultants are specialists. I respect their knowledge and I value the product range," Paynter says.

For more details on any of the products seen here, contact Mico Bathrooms, Private Bag 92 910, Onehunga, Auckland, freephone 0800 844 448. Website: www.Trendsideas.com.

Story by: Trendsideas

05 May, 2003