Attractive, high visibility bins make recycling accountable and easy

Green thinking is a major asset for any company both in terms of the planet and its own public persona – a pioneer in the field, Method Recycling goes further, making recycling an aesthetic pleasure

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How does your company feel about our planet’s furniture? Method Recycling offers one way to show you care profoundly.

With the general move from cubicle farms to open-plan, progressive office spaces everything is on display. So whereas recycling was once a messy, tucked-away afterthought, now – thanks to Method Recycling – it’s colourful, bold, out in the open and a great advertisement regarding your care for our crowded planet’s future.

After three years’ research, New Zealand company Method launched its colour-coded, high visibility, behaviour-changing recycling bins to the market in 2016, with the first run sold out preproduction. The durable bins are injection moulded from fully recyclable polypropylene and include 50% recycled materials.

And further tribute to the green-focus product’s compelling advantages, Method now has offices in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Plus the bins can be found in diverse leading-edge organisations, from renowned London architecture firm Foster + Partners to Melbourne University.

Essentially, Method’s attractive bins change recycling behaviours through Open Plan Recycling. The 60L recycling and waste bins are placed together to form flexible recycling stations located throughout a facility – bringing increased awareness and accountability for staff and visitors alike.

Method recommends one station per 30 - 50 staff, which should be around a 10-second walk. You can also place single bins where recyclables are produced such as a paper bin next to the photocopier.

The bins have a built-in, patented Bag Retainer System that makes them easy and hygienic to service, while retaining their sleek lines. There are also specialised accessories such as desktop precyclers, compostable liners, and Heavy Duty Connectors, to lock the bins into place.

For further details on Method Recycling, head online: www.methodrecycling.com

Story by: Trendsideas

07 Sep, 2019

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