Armchair traveller

A rich blend of colours and textures adds an international flavour to the latest solid furniture and occasional pieces from Freedom Furniture
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View of the vase

Making the most of the world doesn't necessarily mean going out and buying a plane ticket. The diversity and richness of far-flung cultures can be echoed in your own living room. However, when choosing exotic pieces for your home it is important that craftsmanship remains as high a priority as aesthetics.

Freedom Furniture offers carefully crafted pieces that draw on numerous cultures of the world both for materials and inspiration, says New Zealand marketing manager Jane Scott.

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View of the dining furniture

"Freedom's latest ranges feature exotic flavours and rustic textures," says Scott. "The overall look is achieved through the strong use of colour, mainly rich golds and deep terracottas, and interesting details such as woven fabrics, beads, fringes and tassels."

The robust-looking Kassali dining and occasional ranges, for example, are crafted from solid timber and finished in a warm cognac-coloured stain.

View of the cushions formation, black, red
View of the cushions

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May 20, 2003
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