Chilling out onboard with uninterrupted panoramic views

What could be better than cruising the Caribbean? Well the Overlook Bar – nestled within the dramatic Aqua Dome on the Icon of the Seas – will take you higher

Designed by 3deluxe

From the interior architects:

Crafting a bar is a demanding task for any interior architect, where atmosphere and lighting play pivotal roles in shaping the mood and ambiance. 

It's an opportunity to transport individuals to a realm distinct from their daily lives, offering them a space to unwind and revel in a unique setting. 

Enter the Overlook Bar, by the designers at 3deluxe, nestled within the dramatic Aqua Dome of Icon of the Seas cruise liner. 

The bar offers uninterrupted panoramic views of the ocean and sky, immersing guests in nature like never before. 

Overlook's coral-themed design creates an inviting space for relaxation, with custom-designed furniture and a virtual aquarium extending seamlessly into the show theatre – enhancing the immersive visual experience for patrons. 

Exclusive tree-like pods elevate the lounging experience, providing comfort and unparalleled views. 

As night falls, the space transforms into a subtly illuminated dreamscape. 

What distinguishes the Overlook Bar is not only its interior design but also its exterior prominence. 

Spanning multiple decks and the entire width of the ship, and situated in the prime location within the Aqua Dome structure, it draws attention even from the outside. 

3deluxe's involvement in the exterior design and development of the Aqua Dome structure facilitated the seamless integration of the Overlook Bar into the architectural environment, blending design and engineering harmoniously. 

The large glass façade of the Aqua Dome was crafted to enhance the natural experience. 

By day, it offers a space for relaxation and contemplation – transforming into a chilled lounge with a bar in the evening.

Credit list

Interior design project
Overlook Bar, Icon of the Seas cruise liner
Interior architects
Glass Structure – AquaDome
Novum Structures Europe
Royal Caribbean Cruises, Miami
Collaborating architect – AquaDome
Wilson Butler Architects

Designed by: 3deluxe

Story by: Trendsideas

Photography by: Royal Caribbean International

19 May, 2024

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