9 examples of seamless dining meets kitchen connections

A few steps from kitchen to dining? But what about in terms of looks? Here are some examples of how designers really make that connection flow

1. Designed by Gary Todd, Gary Todd Architecture

Proportions create a kinship between kitchen and dining space here. Think of island and table as two similar-shaped long, slender arrows pointing to the spectacular views.

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2. Tony Koia, Koia Architects

Wood flooring connect dining and kitchen here, but so too does the choice of a timber dining table and dark wood kitchen cabinetry – creating a natural affinity. 

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3. Steve Gliosca, Urbane Projects

Close in proximity and sharing the sparkling blue ocean views, kitchen and dining table here are also connected by their pristine white and wood tones.

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4. Designed by Cecilia Yuan, Blank Canvas Architects 

Here, kitchen and dining table both occupy a rear addition that opens to the outdoors. The pared back, handleless cabinetry has a furniture feel, linking to the dining setting, while open wood display shelving connects with the timber dining table in terms of materials. Table and island also share a similarity of proportions.

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5. Designed by Kirsty Davis, Kirsty Davis Kitchen Design

For this kitchen-dining table relationship, a smooth Baroque laminate on the island and cabinetry connects with – and to an extent contrasts – the wooden but decidedly rustic adjacent dining table.

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6. Interiors by Tamsin Rhodes, Tamsin Rhodes Creative Studio; kitchen designed by Taylor Brown Builders

Both kitchen and dining setting have touches of the classic and the contemporary in this space, subtly drawing them together – classic panelling and modern pendant lighting in the kitchen sits well with a rustic dining table matched with comfortable, modern padded dining chairs.

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7. Designed by Darren Jessop, Jessop Architects

Slender but substantial – for this open entertainment space, a slender waterfall island benchtop connects with a slender table top, drawing the two together visually.

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8. Designed by Brian Cullen, Paterson Cullen Archaus Architects; interior design by Jennie Dunlop, Dunlop Design

A sense of luxury is an easy connection for this kitchen/dining setting marriage. While the table is rustic, the dripping chandelier above spells luxury as does the marble finish on the adjacent island.

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9. Leonie Hamill, Cube Dentro

The dining table/area connects with the kitchen in two ways here – the table runs directly on from the island, with a change in height and material, and also connects back materially to the perimeter cabinetry.

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18 Jul, 2021

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