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Sitting lightly on the land, this home's upper level cantilevers significantly on its ‘plinth’ while the central aperture of the linking deck breaks up the mass of the rectangle and allows a clear line of sight to the s...

The owners of Thornton Earl Manor had only just completed renovation work when the 2011 Christchurch earthquake undid all their hard work. Despite the heartbreak, they've now completed a second, even more ambi...

Located in a peaceful valley with birdsong the only sound that breaks the silence, the concrete brutalist form of this home is both contrasting and yet complementary to the setting it resides in.

The composition of the existing house was retained with the addition of the three pavilions extending out on three axes to add volume and natural light while encompassing the property's landscape grounds and ...

Designed for a small, young growing family, this home was an exercise in balancing quality living with budget constraints, on a steep east-facing site.

While the owners loved the size and layout of their existing home, they didn't have the same passion for the exterior. So having decided to live there long term, they sought to tackle both the...

The simple long barn form of the dwelling sits long-side to the mountain view and is positioned to provide uninterrupted views to all the main living areas and both master bedrooms suites that fl...

Due to site and District Plan constraints, the footprint of the building is only 57m², but is three storeys high. The basic shape is a cube with a two-part mono pitched roof to allow ...

The 220m² home was conceptualised as a floating cedar box over a metal box anchored to the ground. The building massing doesn’t dominate the coastal suburban property, even though it enjoys a generous floorplan.

The home is intended to feel like a luxurious getaway from busy city life, but also function as a remote office so city life can be still connected when required.

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12 Nov, 2020

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