Established in South Africa in 1983, Warmup has grown into an international company providing quality underfloor heating solutions to homes and businesses worldwide.

About us

Since launching in New Zealand in 1994 we have warmed over 85 000 homes and sold in excess of 200 000 Thermostats. We pride ourselves on providing quality products and we stand by our 15-year warranty on these products and all installations completed by us, as testament. Warmup is totally committed to using the latest technology and the finest components in the production and installation of its heating. With a strong focus on technology, Warmup constantly strives to excel in innovation which offers a new dimension in comfort.

With commitments to upholding and improving on the quality and longevity of our products and service, Warmup introduced Marmox Insulation Boards into our product portfolio which significantly improved the energy efficiency of undertile heating as they act as an insulation barrier, retaining more heat where it is needed.

Warmup has an association with Tranquillity Bathroom Collection who is a European-inspired, Australian-designed, premium quality bathroom ware supplier who has been inspiring the market for over 10 years. Together Warmup and Tranquillity provide first-class bathroom solutions across New Zealand from top-class waterproofing and heating solutions, to beautiful bathroom finishes.

Warmup is recognised and well respected within the trade. Our teams work hard to strive for the quickest turnaround times, with emphasis placed on quality finishes. Our goal is to never give a client a reason to be unhappy or dissatisfied with our services.

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