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Gabled pavilions used in new home design help overcome planning and site restrictions

This home's entry building features colourful character elements right from the entryway. Then the visitor moves through to a second dynamic building with giant operable shutters opening to walls ...

Looks can be deceiving – that's definitely the case here. Hiding behind this historic villa's traditional facade is a much more modern home, thanks to its contemporary extension

Butted up against a basalt cliff face, this home responds with rugged board-formed concrete cladding. Inside, family and guests are given close up reminders of the setting

Here, with sliders pulled back, indoors and outdoors become one – an ideal look and feel for a coastal home. The continuation of wood flooring and the indoor-look outdoor furniture both play a part in the seamless connection

This home came out tops as our most popular renovation story of 2020. Step inside to see why. 

A dwelling that sat lightly on the land was the fundamental idea for this holiday home by Box Build. The home's upper storey cantilevers beyond the lower level by 4 metres – stretching out to the Northland views before it

This was our top outdoor living story of 2020. Read the full story to see why it was a hit with our readers. 

Continuing the tradition of refurbishment of Auckland’s heritage housing stock, this renovation is a re-interpretation of the ‘lean-to’ form. Traditionally used as service spaces, the ‘lean-to’ here is re-cast as living space, opening ...

The interior design brief for this villa makeover was for modern spaces while maintaining refined character villa details and finishes for a warm, sophisticated and luxurious feel. The reinvented bathroom, kitchen and living space...

Set on high with stunning beach views, this home reflects a minimal, raw material palette which is echoed in the interior design. Italian and New Zealand signature pieces contribute to the elegant, relaxed ambience

Tall and spacious despite a tricky riverside site, and with New York loft-inspired, crafted interiors, this dramatic home by Design Builders Waikato celebrates strong, rugged materials for a smart, semi-industrial aesthetic