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For more than 30 years, Trends has promoted great home design ideas through its print, digital and online media.

The Trends International Design Awards – TIDAs – take that involvement to the next level with the search for the best kitchens, bathrooms and homes across a number of the countries where Trends has a presence.。。

A restrained yet exotic palette, recessive wall planes and significant artworks combine in a sumptuous int...

All main living rooms open onto large terraces, with steps down to the garden on the waterside face, while the streetside is skilf...

How to fit a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house plus garden on a tiny site

Home with a wide range of active and passive sustainable measures inside and out

Tweaked original plans result in a hall running right through this 1940s home, providing a glimpse of the new light-filled extension at the rear

A run down Victorian-style home was restored with complementary modern elements and open plan living to achieve better flow and more light

Modern revamp opens up 1960s Sydney harbour-side apartment connects it to its surroundings

Sharp lines, light forms and the lush integration of nature all combine to connect this home to its phenomenal beachside site

A traditional frontage with a tile roof and stained glass windows gives way to spacious, light-filled new entertaining spaces at the rear

Set on a tight, awkward site, this family home achieves privacy and maximises entertainment space by deft architectural strategies

This renovated terrace home presents a heritage facade to the street, but features a spacious contemporary living area out back