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From Public Toilet to Private Home

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One architect turned an abandoned public toilet into her private abode


A derelict abandoned public toilet has become the unlikely home of architect Laura Clark.

Having just graduated from the Glasgow School of Art, Clark spotted the loos in 2005 and said it was exactly the sort of challenge she was after.

“I’ve always loved the idea of micro-regeneration. For me that’s about saving sites with an interesting history that have been abandoned and forgotten,” said the architect.

The original plan was to convert the lavatories into a bar or cinema, however after many legal hurdles and economic struggles, Clark was able to alter her plans into a one bedroom apartment.

Doing much of the laborious work herself, Clark finally completed the conversion in 2012.

From what it looks like today it’s hard to tell that the light filled home was once a shabby abandoned public convenience.

See Clark's website below.

Photo credit: James Balston.

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