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From Hoarder House to The Watertower House

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This stunning new build has been transformed from a derelict hoarders home into a Queensland gem


Here is a true rags to riches story that is sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Brothers Rob and Andrew are no beginners when it comes to flipping houses. The brothers have successfully turned a number of dilapidated houses into high-end contemporary Queenslanders throughout the Paddington area.

After purchasing another ‘hoarders house’ and discussing the project with up and coming architect, David Hansford from DAHA Architecture, a vision was born and process began to gain momentum. With all parties agreeing on the final design it was now time for the transformation to begin.

Perhaps, most surprising of all was Rob’s ability to complete the project in 8 months while still maintaining the highest level of quality. The second ‘hoarders house’ was now the ‘watertower house’ a sight that has to be seen to be believed.

The house is now off the market with the happy new owners none other than Channel 9 personality Alison Ariotti and her husband Gerry. The couple plan to raise their family in newly transformed ‘watertower house’ in the historic suburb of Paddington.

Designer is – DAHA Architecture

Builder is – Graya Construction

Architectural Photographer – Scott Burrows

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