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Laminex New Zealand introduces four new laminate patterns that authentically replicate the look of natural marble


As technology becomes more and more prevalent in ours lives we are seeing a counter movement in interiors that embraces the real, the recycled and the handmade, the perfect imperfections in the natural world. As relationships become more digitised we are seeking more authentic surfaces within the home.

Developed by scanning real stone slabs, Formica 180fx echoes this trend by offering the authentic look of marble with the benefits of laminate. At a fraction of the cost to fabricate and install, laminate is warmer and softer to touch than real stone, making it ideal for residential applications such as kitchen benchtops where the surface will be used by all, from the youngest, to the oldest members of the family.

“Formica 180fx is proof of the advancements in laminate tops over the last couple of years by offering a truly authentic replication of real stones and marbles. With all the intricate details, colour variations and veining, Formica 180fx makes a luxurious benchtop affordable for everyone.” says Laminex New Zealand Marketing Development Manager Teresa Walsh.

With four new decors, the Formica 180fx range is providing inspiration for both commercial and residential spaces:

Black Fusion - A unique and elegant granite, Black Fusion could be considered a work of art. Its contemporary style features a dark black background with grey, white and golden brown veining in a lengthwise linear pattern.

Jet Sequoia - Striking and sophisticated, Jet Sequoia has an infinitely deep background brushed with hints of smoky grey. A perfect complement to warm-toned woods or the cool sheen of metal.

Marbled Cappuccino - A beautiful colour with shades of chocolate brown, cream, white and black. The unique swirling and veining of Marbled Cappuccino exudes a sense of luxury with its intricate detailing.

Weathered Cement - Veining and crazing show through soft warm grey cement clouds. While golden brown weathering or seasoning creates the
beautiful decay of Weathered Cement.

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