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All I Own House – The Adaptable Home

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This home literally moves with its inhabitants and their needs


Fluidity and adaptability are essential to keeping up with the current pace modern society moves at.

The team at PKMN Architects clearly agrees, and that is why they have specialised in a series of homes that can literally adapt to your needs.

This home, known as ‘All I Own House’, has massive functionality, however only utilises limited space.

Through meticulous custom-made design, carpentry and the use of a simple railing system, the practical space is arranged through three wooden, mobile transformable containers.

The space moves with its inhabitant within seconds allowing for a variety of arrangements to suits ones needs.

With a fold-down bed, hideaway library and a disguised office area, the All I Own House is perfect for the modern day professional.

To see the house in action, click the link below for the video and more information.

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