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LED Mini 3.5W Recessed Cabinet Light - Brushed Chrome


This is a very slim, discrete cabinet light that has been designed to blend into the spaces you choose to use itThis fitting has a high quality, long life (30,000hrs) Sharp SMC LED light source (3000K)The very low power consumption means you can run this fitting for a long time without having to worry about running up your power bill at the same timeIt's low heat output is also a great feature for when you're placing this fitting in tight spacesCRI 82
Luminous Flux: 200 lmDepth of only 15mmDriver not included



Recommended Accessory (Not Included)

To drive these LED Mini 3.5W fittings we recommend you use the following Constant Current Driver:
When connecting multiple luminaires to one driver, they must be looped in series (not parallel).For up to two fittings: 1-10W 350mA Constant Current LED Driver - PLU 73269
Surface Mount RIng
A surface mount ring can be used with our LED Mini downlight in situations when recessing is not an option. If you have no depth in your cupboards or shelf material or you just don’t want to cut holes then these rings will be a very handy accessory for you. They are available in white and brushed chrome.


  • The LED mini is the perfect lighting solution for placing inside your overhead kitchen cabinetry It would also work well as an alternative to LED strip lighting underneath your overhanging kitchen counters and islands If you have display cabinets or recessed wall shelves these lights would do a great job of highlighting whatever you place inside them
  • Our LED Mini Surface Mount Ring can also be used along with this product for situations where recessing is not an option


  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Depth: 15mm

Integrated LED Light Source

  • Max wattage: 3.5W
  • Lamp: Sharp SMC LED 3000k
*Note: LED is non-replaceable
For more information, please visit Cabinet Lighting.

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01 Feb, 2017