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Alley Exterior Wall Light - Stainless Steel


Introduce an industrial/retro look to the exterior lighting of your home with our Alley wall lights. The metal shade directs the light output down and out to the sides.
Available in two different finishes so you have the option to either blend in or stand out from your paint scheme.
IP44 rated (Protected against solid objects over 1mm and against sprays of water)
For maximum light output we recommend using an opal LED lamp but if you want to enhance their retro look a carbon or LED filament lamp would be ideal.


Polished 304 stainless steel with clear lacquer finish


  • Mount on the side of homes and buildings to light outdoor areas.
  • If you have a large front entrance and like the industrial look then one of these either side of the door would be ideal.
  • The Alley will also make a great indoor wall light which can be used in any type of room where you are wanting an ambient light.


  • Maximum height: 350mm
  • Out from wall: 350mm
  • Shade diameter: 290mm
  • Wall rose diameter: 130mm
  • Lamp height: 150mm
  • Lamp diameter: 100mm
For more information, please visit Contemporary.

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01 Feb, 2017