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Tucked Away Tea Towels

Suiting a cabinet width of just 150mm, Vauth Sagel’s K150 Side Mounted Base Cabinet Pull Out makes even the narrowest space work hard.
With a load capacity of 12kg, the K150 can be ordered equipped with 2 standard storage trays, with a baking tray storage set up or with tea towel/hand towel holders (as shown here) which keeps tea towels tucked away out of sight. Full extension ensures easy access and 3D front adjustment guarantees the perfect fit.
Kitchen and household storage is always at a premium. The good news is advanced design solutions now make optimum use of every centimetre of cupboard and drawer space.
The precision-designed German Vauth-Sagel range is a case in point – creating and organising cabinetry interiors while integrating with the look and feel of your home.
Available exclusively through New Zealand kitchen fittings specialist Access Group, the Vauth-Sagel kitchen storage systems include tall pantries, corner storage, pull out wire drawers, as well as underbench and overbench storage options.
All products supplied by Access Group are guaranteed for the life of the furniture or cabinetry into which it is installed from manufacture or material fault.
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27 Jan, 2015