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Unleash your inner child at the International Garden Festival

"The Colors of Métis": The playground is a canvas. The colours are locally extracted from soils, leafs and fruits. 
The painters first put sponges under their shoes, provided at the round-gravel border area. After soaking the sponges with water, the painters walk through the colour-reservoir in the frame of the canvas. They step on the canvas and join in with the others on a large landscape painting. On warm days they also can walk barefoot through the colours and leave marks with their feet on the canvas. 
At the end of the festival, the entire painting is split up and visitors can take parts of it with them. 
The painting playground project is thinking the three categories of garden, art and intuitive play as a whole. The colours, whose raw materials are extracted locally, give the project a depth that goes beyond the beauty of the result, and defines beauty as an important condition of designing processes.