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Unleash your inner child at the International Garden Festival

"Making waves": In physics, the kinetic energy of an object is the energy built up within it due to its motion. Building upon this idea, our team wanted to show how the motion of just two individuals could build up, expand, and multiply kinetic energy to create a spectacular wave of colour. 
Visitors are invited to play on a seesaw, but will be surprised at how a familiar activity can have such unfamiliar and exciting results. The seesaw twists a flexible rubber belt onto which lightweight aluminium bars are affixed. 
As the seesaw moves up and down, the belt twists and turns, and a wave of kinetic energy radiates from pink to blue as the aluminium planks oscillate. Increasing the speed and frequency of the seesaw’s movements result in more generated energy and more spectacular waves. 
Our installation requires the kinetic energy of individuals to reach its full potential, and so its colours, shape, and familiar seesaw components emphasise the invitation for interaction. The fantastic displays of colour and movement created by kinetic energy allows each participant to “make waves” in their own way

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