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Unleash your inner child at the International Garden Festival

"Dirt ground": This installation is a terrain de jeux in its most essential, yet powerful meaning. The empty plot is framed by a wall and filled with rich soil. What would otherwise be seen as mere emptiness – a field of common dirt – becomes the very matter of the installation: a field for free play and imagination. Visitors entering the outdoor room are suddenly surrounded by dark dunes of soil, overwhelmed by the earthy smell and sense of warm humidity. Touching the dirt, barefoot jumping on the dunes, observing the process of natural transformation of the soil itself, is all part of the experience – no need for any other play equipment. 
The installation invites visitors to reconsider their relationship with the environment. It enhances the importance of soil not only as a fundamental substrate for life, but also as a source of unrestricted fun and a space of freedom which needs to be preserved in our overly built cities.