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Tanova Simplex Plus Kitchen Bins Options For Cabinets 400Mm And 450Mm Wide

Simplex Plus pull out waste bin options with 2x24L, 2x18L or 2x15L buckets. Models for 400mm or 450mm cabinets. White frameworks and buckets. 
Super smooth running Harn Ritma drawer slides Runners extend beyond edge of benchtop to allow for easy removal of rear bucket 
Soft close 30kg carrying capacity Economical, solid and simple bin frame manufactured from 1.0mm gauge steel for added strength and durability 
Sturdy handles on buckets for easy bin removal and to hold plastic liner bags in place 
Very quick and easy installation for modular cabinets 
Drawer front connection with 6-way adjustment 
Compact size maximizes space efficiency and its snug fit ensures stability 
Short sided 
For 450mm cabinet options click here 
For 400mm cabinet options click here