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Tanova Deluxe 450Mm 2X40L Plastic Hampers One Blue One White

Deluxe pull out laundry units with plastic baskets are available for 600mm, 450mm, 400mm and 350mm cabinets, with either 1 or 2 40L plastic hampers depending on the model.This photo shows the 2x40L plastic hampers 450mm cabinet unit which is available with a white frame with two white baskets or with one white and one blue basket. Soft close.
Consistently quiet closing thanks to fully integrated cushioning system
Super over extension past any normal bench overhang, allowing for effortless removal of hampers
Effortless use with super smooth Austrian-made Grass drawer slides
Soft close for reduced noise
Heavy duty 50kg carrying capacity
Quick and easy installation
Basket: PP plastic; comes with lid; ergonomic moulded handles for easy removal and comfortable carrying between laundry, bathroom, wardrobe and clothesline; airvented on sides for breathability and airflow; solid bottom prevents drips into cabinetry
Click here to see more about the Tanova Deluxe Laundry range, including options with plastic hampers. www.fit-nz.co.nz