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NEO Flooring

The Classen Group presents an ecological design flooring - made in Germany - which is absolutely free from PVC and thus also free from evaporating phthalate softeners and produced in a new method of production and with brand new materials technology. The base material - composite solid fibre (CSF) newly developed by Classen - is actually polymer-coated natural fibre which makes the flooring more robust and thus makes it impervious to moisture. The multilayer Sealtec surface - also a newly developed product of the Classen Group - seals the digitally applied authentic finishing decorating surface. Their special composition helps forming of the Sealtec sealing coating together with an elastic surface which also has a high load capacity. Water-resistant and resilient, healthy and recyclable and also easy to renovate and - thanks to the fast laying Megaloc system developed by Classen - very easy for laying, this is the short description of "Neo by Classen". "The ecological design flooring for an environmentally conscious generation," as the manufacturer states it. Because "Neo by Classen" is manufactured solely in Germany, in compliance with the strict German standards and legal provisions applicable here. It combines the best from the worlds of laminate floorings and design floorings.
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10 Nov, 2015