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DOMUS LINE Flexible LED Side Emitting Strip Lighting (SE H4) - Ideal for Wardrobes, Pantries and Under Cabinets

Developed in Italy to meet Australian/NZ standards. Developed with an innovative diffusing silicone material extrusion technology, this LED strip was specifically conceived for recessed installation and is ideal for use in wardrobes, pantry cupboards and many other situations. Exceeds international safety requirements for temperature generation limits for recessed application.
Side emitting 'No dot technology' for homogenous, no visible dot light emission. Super flexible for tight corners or creative lighting designs.
Recessed installation in 4mm wide / 10mm deep milled grooves7mm diameter hole required for plug connector to exit. No tape or tools required; simply press into your pre-milled groove.
Comes with 150mm power supply cable included and is equipped with a Micro12 connector. Maximum suggested length of 3m in a run.
Customisable lengths - SE H4 strip may be cut in 25mm increments. Should you trim the SE H4 strip, a cap is provided for insertion into cut end SE H4 is very flexible and is suitable for tight corners, however not a 90° corner120 LED/mLED strip only IP44 rated; protected against solid foreign objects greater than 1mm and splashes of water from any direction.
Nominal power: 1m 12W2m 22W3m 30W Luminous Efficiency: 87lm/W Available in Natural White light colour Available in 1m, 2m and 3, lengths.
Extension cords available in 1m and 2m lengths to extend distance between LED driver distibution block and LED strip. Keep to a minimum and do not exceed 6m total length.
Order LED distributor block and LED driver separately.