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Fairview Windows turns the glazing into a leading feature in this Gold Award-winning home

Capturing the spectacular views was a priority for the owners of this new clifftop home in Muriwai, west of Auckland.The brief they gave to Brett Dethier Design and Brendon Nott Architects specified large windows with minimal frames so the outlook would not be blocked. The house also needed to be low maintenance. MD Aluminium was contracted to supply door and window joinery from the Fairview Architectural series, and also to design the rebate detailing for the floors and ceilings to provide a seamless look. Director Mark Holland says the benefits of the Fairview Architectural system include the ability to manufacture extra-large panels – for this project the panels are 2.4m. Because double glazing is not an option at this size, these windows have Solect 12.38 laminate for insulation. "The sliders and windows run the full length of the 22m-long house and wrap around the 2.4m wing walls," he says. "We used heavy duty box mullions and couplers for the frames to withstand the strong winds." A specially folded flashing over the outside face of the frame allows for thermal expansion. For further information on Fairview Systems, phone (09) 574 2900. To contact MD Aluminium, phone (09) 832 1736, fax (09) 832 1738. Email: sales@mdaluminium.co.nz.

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02 Oct, 2015

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