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Wine Storage – Echelon Modular Wine Rack System

Made from extruded aluminium and coated with natural satin anodizing, the heart of the Echelon Wine Storage system is the unique S-shaped bottle module.
Each module slides and snaps together to form the bottom of one bottle cavity and the top of the next. In this way, stacks are built up. Multiple stacks can nest side by side to create a wine bottle storage wall. Start with a 12 or 24 bottle kit, then add height and or width with extra modules.
Stacks can be built into joinery or attached directly to the wall. Each module is supplied with a centre hole through which a tube is inserted once the stack is assembled. Wall brackets hook around this tube and screw to the wall to secure. Echelon is a beautiful and contemporary way to store and display your wine collection.
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27 Jan, 2015