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Dessus-Dessous and Dessous-dessus are two lamps made of ceramics pieces set upside down.The convex volumes are made of ceramics tainted in Bleu de Sèvres.The shading blue gradations were born from research on color revelation by laser. The pigments in the material are brought to the surface, like tatooed on the skin of the dish. It is as if the chromatic DNA of tainted ceramics were made visible by a light chemical burn.The Laser reveals the ceramics’intriseque beauty but it also makes invisible imperfections emerge. The running out of the liquid ceramics are to be seen, looking like a soft blow on the pigments.Pattern comes with the convexity of the volumes. Colors fade with the slope: they disappear when the laser lens blurs.• Edition 2012 CatberroCeramist Sandrine Bringard

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