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Coconut Camera

While usually only fulfilling the functions of being eaten, drunk or symbolising exotic getaways, the coconut seems to have found a new purpose in the world that goes beyond satisfying dietry needs.Canadian artist Kotama Bouabane has pushed boundaries for the coconut by turning it into a camera.The coconut has been drained, cut in half and had a pinhole drilled into it. By placing an unexposed piece of paper between the two shell halves and keeping the pinhole covered, the image is captured when the cover is revealed at the moment you wish the photo to be taken.Further to keeping within the coconut theme, Bouabane has developed the images in coconut water rather than regular water.Making humurous commentary on todays cultural obsession with selfies, Bouabane even placed the coconut on the end of a stick to reflect on the new found craze of selfie sticks.

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06 Oct, 2015

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