​​​​​​​To make the most of unobstructed views of architecture, building, design, facade, glass, windows, courtyard, home, house, interior design, SPF Architects, three story home

Balancing scale, views and comfort was the biggest challenge in the design of this substantial home

​​​​​​​To make the most of unobstructed views of the Los Angeles basin from the Getty Center to Long Beach, architect SPF:a designed this three-storey home with a Y- or propeller-shaped plan. This also helped break up the mass of the 1675m2 home, creating a welcoming feel despite its overall size. Shown here are the ground and first floor levels, with the basement burrowed into the hill below. The top floor is dedicated to the home’s private spaces and is wrapped in a glass curtain wall comprising panels of varying widths and opacity.