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Glamorous Gold

For those who prefer subtle colour, you can gently push yourself outside your comfort zone with gold. One of the trending colours right now, gold is a stately metallic colour that is can be used with small, decorative objects to give pops of colour-shine. Or, it can be applied as the main colour thread to tie together an entire room. We love gold as an eccentric colour boasting a certain moody richness that adds depth and dimension. The wide range of gold and gold-yellow hues gives this living room an elegant, subtly incandescent feel. We elected for shimmering, chenille-fabric for two flanking chair seats, juxtaposed with floral-patterned chair backs in gold-tones. Golden drapery sheers permit infused light. Consider creating special drama in your own living room as with this intricately designed oriental rug with golden accents, which yielded the perfect amount of color indulgence.

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